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Sorry, Too Busy To Post Any 360 Virtual Tour News!

Been a while since I have written a post, just been so busy, and since the demise of the Google online software, my portfolio has not been updated, so here is what I’ve been up to. Am working thru a few Decathlon stores, very large sites and 1000 odd photos per store (as I shoot high quality I take 12 photos per panorama, edit, stitch and process). Lots of work. Since I last posted, I think I have shot, Decathlon Dunstable and Decathlon Brighton, (multi floor this one so used the multi floor widget option in Google, but bug stopping the floor widget showing at the moment, may republish and give it a kick!). I was asked to re shoot  Genting Casino Southhampton, (they’ve re furbished) 3 hour drive but was worth it. Love shooting the casinos, great decor, and then back home I have just shot a small local Essex business, Pets In Partnership, 2 minute drive. Oh, lets not forget NC Construction, building co. office in Hornchurch, Essex. So I have been getting about as you can see, and keeping very busy. Was my birthday on the 20th Ocotober, so asked for cash to treat myself to a new (to me) camera, coming this week hopefully, along with a few lenses that are thrown in the package. I may even do a review and show off a few shots here. Also means I’ll have a backup body in case one goes wrong. Always good to have 2 of everything just in case,. You just know when something breaks, you’ll be on a 360 virtual tour photo shoot, far from home! Click on the links above and look at my latest work, I am very reasonably priced, and a few photos and a 360 degree Google Virtual Tour really can make your business stand out from the competition.

Hullbridge Business Simla Indian Restaurant 360 Virtual Tour

Another local business goes live, shot one day, live on Google maps the next. Was good to meet the new owner of my local Indian Restaurant in Hullbridge, Essex. The Simla Tandoor Indian Restaurant. Full Google 360 Degree Virtual Tour and a selection of high quality hdr (high dynamic range) still photographs. All shot by John Goulding, edited, stitched and tour created and uploaded to the clients business page on Google maps. Now enhances their Google search and should help their SEO. (Search Engine Optimisation). Looks great with the new decor and they also serve great food so be sure to visit if you are in the area!

Hamelin Trust Re Visit

Was great to be invited back to do some more work for the Hamelin Trust, Essex. We shot a couple of 360 tours and still photographs for these years ago, and were invited back to put this property on the map. Was a lovely day so managed to take some gorgeous still photos in the garden too.

Not All Google Trusted Photographers Are Equal

The future is changing, Google are allowing the new photographers to use less than professional equipment, which is a shame. Therefore the quality you may see now is not as it was a few years ago. When I joined the project a few years ago, I had to use or purchase certain equipment, work to set standards and all the work was checked by Google quality control, and was not published until it had passed qc. I am still shooting to the original standards, if not higher, better, and still adhere to the rules that were set out years ago.

I’ve been shooting panoramic 360 degree photographs for 20 odd years, long before Google introduced it. All of my work is shot on a digital camera in hdr (high dynamic range), all of my photographs are run thru editing software to blend out any potential abnormalities, shadows etc. The photos are stitched into a panorama before uploading to Google maps to gain the best quality. I also shoot panos as a hobby and submit to Google maps free of charge. I care about my work and my clients. I want your business to look as good as it can. Please, when choosing a photographer to shoot your business look at their existing work. Is it really their work? Is it clear, sharp, in focus? Has the nadir (floor) been edited? Do they like myself, have full insurance to cover you, your business and your customers? Do they offer a full no quibble money back guarantee? Lately there have been many newcomers to this business in #Essex and the UK using these new ‘one shot’ or portable systems. They do not compete against a full digital set up. And don’t forget, I offer a price match policy!

Landscape Photography and Images For Sale

If you are looking to buy some stock photography for yourself, Landscape Photography or other type of stock photos please see my for sale images here.

I will be uploading landscape and seascape photos on a regular basis as and when I shoot them. Many of the Essex landscape and Essex seascape, so please pop back soon.

Personal 360 Degree Panoramas 2016

Had a couple of holidays in 2016 and whenever I travel I always try my best to take my photography equipment, and part of that is usually my panoramic camera head and 8mm Sigma lens so I can shoot some 360 panoramas.

Here’s one of a series I shot in the summer on Praia dos Olhos de Água Beach, Portugal, Albuferia. (See more here).

And here’s one of a set I shot on Palma Nova Beach, Majorca. (See more here).

If you’d like something like the above inside or outside your business or hotel, please contact me here with your enquiry.

Incidentally, the first 360 degree panorama above has had over 132,000 views as of this post, 22nd October 2016. The 2nd shot above, uploaded and live 4 days before this post on 19th October 2016 has had 550 views and counting. I’ll post another blog in November to see how many views they have had.

Think what that amount of views could do for your business?

Choosing the right 360 degree ‘Google Trusted Photographer’

The latest news is that Google have relaxed the rules to become a ‘Google Trusted Photographer’.  Why? Because they want more and more businesses to have 360 degree virtual tours on their maps. That’s a good thing though? Maybe. Now they are letting anyone shoot 360 degree virtual tours, using a number of different devices, such as phones and ‘one shot’ 360 cameras. These people can be anyone from any background, not a photographer. Once a person has taken only 50 single panoramas and uploaded to Google Maps they become a ‘qualified 360 degree virtual tour photographer’.

So of course straight away you can see the problems this will cause.

You cannot shoot quality 360 degree panoramas with the current mobile phone apps and the one shot camera systems available.

The app that Google are asking these new photographers to use is un useable to create a real virtual tour walk thru experience. It is just too buggy to be of any use.

So why choose me to photograph your business?

  • I have been a 360 degree virtual tour photographer for over 15 years, and have worked with Google on their 360 degree virtual tour project since it began 4 years ago.
  • I still have access to the original online software to upload, create and moderate 360 tours.
  • I always run my photographs thru various software packages to maintain top quality in all photos, regardless of business size. (I’d rather not reveal too many secrets here!)
  • I am still using top quality digital cameras, top quality lenses and panoramic 360 degree photographic heads for all of my work. No ‘one shot’ inferior equipment here!
  • I always shoot and supply great wide angle still photographs of your business as part of any 360 tour shoot, yours to download and keep for free.
  • I offer a 100 percent money back guarantee. Not happy, don’t pay. (No one has ever used this offer!)
  • I will match any price, just ask.
  • I am still creating quality 360 degree virtual tours for Google and other organisations.
  • My client portfolio list speaks for itself, having worked for and still working for businesses such as Decathlon, Toomey Essex Vehicle Sales, Lookers Ford, Genting Club Casinos, Bannatyne Group Hotels and Spas plus many many more, large and small.

If you would like a quote for 360 degree virtual tour photography for you business,  in Essex, UK or further afield, please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions please get in touch, thank you.

Latest News, Fitness and Education

Hi, not been here for a while, been way too busy! Just seen my last post was from January, wow, seems ages ago. So what have I been up to? Shooting many many virtual tours in Essex and of course further afield. Have loved shooting a handful of new gyms in Essex, DW Fitness. I think they are a Northern company that are now setting up gyms in this area, so of course I was happy to be chosen to shoot their premises, brand new premises before they opened. They all went well and I am still shooting a few more. Here is a link to a DW Fitness gym in Brentwood.

Other latest news, and really good news, I was recently chosen t0 shoot SEEVIC College, Benfleet, Essex. This was shot and live within a couple of days after a few very long days and late nights. But just wanted to get this live for the client. Here is a link to the 360 degree virtual tour in Google maps.

I also added a great tool ‘overlay’ on top of the SEEVIC College 360 degree virtual tour. You can see that here. It has a great menu so you can jump to various rooms quicker, it has pop up info boxes at the entrance to each area, and you can view this in a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset. Just pop your mobile phone into a headset, (Google Cardboard being the really cheap great option), and then you can walk around as if being there. Just turn your head, left, right, up, down, and aim at the menu items in the sky or point at the arrows on the ground for easy navigation. You’ll love it! That’s all for now, but I’ll try my best to post a little more regular, thanks for reading.

Essex Dentist Practice

A couple of years ago a local Essex dentist contacted me via twitter, a dentist called Nilesh Parmar. He wanted a 360 degree Google virtual tour of his premises. But as the business wasn’t fully finished by the builders and decorators he asked if I could wait a while. Almost 20 tweets later, and 2 years later I sort of gave up on him. Then out of the blue I receive the final dm, via twitter. His dentist practice was finally ready. One builder unfortunately had gone bust, so it held the work up, but it was finally ready. So I popped in one Saturday after he closed and we at last shot the business for a 360 degree Google virtual tour. Also at the same time I took the still shots for his website too. Another satisfied client. And it was worth the wait. This dentist, Parmar Dental, at 673 Southchurch Rd, Southend-on-Sea SS1 2PW, looks lovely.

Welcome to 2016!

Welcome to 2016, and to our new website! It’s been a busy last couple of years and it looks as though this one will be even busier! We hope it will be for you too.

So what’s the latest news? Well, as I said, this new website is nearly there and we are really pleased with it. Few bits to add and tweak yet, and of course there are plenty more photos and samples of work to add to our portfolio. It’s just a matter of getting time.

On another note, we have been shooting product photos for quite some time and in the last couple of years have been shooting 360 degree rotatable products, sometimes known as ‘object movies’. We have a few demos on this new site, and if it is something you may be interested in, drop us an email or give us a call. It is that little extra to detail that may just put your e commerce website in front of the competition.

Lastly, we have a couple of great extra services coming soon, can’t say too much yet so be sure to pop back here to read our latest posts!

Whether your business is large or small, contact Visual 360 Media here to see how we can improve your online presence and e commerce sales!